Create trust with your business partners

“Yes, it is Truly Us!”

  • Self-manage your company’s digital identity
  • Notify company changes to your business partners: employees, roles, addresses …
  • Speed up your onboarding with suppliers
  • Reduce administration
  • Decide who can access your company data
  • Increase trust in your business

Say Who is Doing What for your company

Easily exchange your business information

Secured & validated
business identity

Act on behalf of
your company

One true business identity.

Easy to share & use with your business partners

Sign up & log in

Easily identify yourself and your company on websites of your preferred business partners and suppliers.

Manage & share data

Manage your business data in 1 place at any time and control who you share it with. Updates are automatically synched.

Invite & delegate

Invite your associates to the platform and offer them mandates to act on behalf of your company.
As an administrator, you define their roles and rights.

Monitor & improve

Track the digital footprint of your company in the blink of an eye and finetune where necessary.
A full digital audit of all company interactions is provided for compliance purposes.

One dashboard

for ALL your companies

Involved in multiple companies?
With TruliUs you’re able to perform actions across companies and have different roles in various companies.

More trust, more business

Increase the trust with your business partners