About digital identity

Digital Identity for all Europeans


You can find more information on the vision and strategy of the European Commission on digital identity here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/strategy/priorities-2019-2024/europe-fit-digital-age/european-digital-identity_en#documents

About TruliUs

What is TruliUs?


TruliUs is a digital identity for companies

It defines who is doing what at a company.

This allows companies to increase the trust when doing business with their business partners as they can be sure that the persons who claim to be representing the company, really are who they say they are and really have the mandate and role they say they have.

TruliUs enables companies to create their identity by adding persons and their roles to their company.
The persons can be employees but also legal representatives, external consultants and much more. In fact, anyone who has a relation with the company.

By doing this once and having a unique place to maintain this information, company can share this data with others.

Companies that need this information can then ask the consent of the company to receive the info.

Why would another company need access to your company information?

  • to be sure that the person that contracts your company has the right to do so
  • to be sure that the signature that is set on a document is a legal signature
  • to speed up the onboarding on their side
  • to reduce their commercial risks
  • to increase trust
  • to reduce fraud


Managing my TruliUs identity

How to log in TruliUs?


Go to http://www.trulius.be and click on the LOGIN icon at the top of the page to login.

You are then transferred to the TruliUs application where you can login using your itsme® credentials.
Currently, only itsme® can be used.

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