Who is doing What Where in business

TruliUs gives you the assurance you require

“Yes, it is Truly Us!”¬†

Know who you are doing business with

Improve your B2B onboarding flows

Integrate smoothly business customers & suppliers data

Be assured of who is doing what

Know who your customers & suppliers are.

Secured & validated
business identity

Fast onboarding &
access to your business solutions

Simplify your B2B workflows

with a TRUE business identity.

Easy sign up & log in

Let your customers and suppliers easily sign up on your website and applications.
No need for you to manage their credentials anymore.

Self management & data sharing

Your business partners maintain their data in TruliUs and share it with you by giving their consent.
No need for you to build a customer profile management application.

See how it works

Request the roles you want to know

A flexible mandate management system in TruliUs allows your customers & suppliers to manage their internal mandates.
This allows you to request contact information on specific business roles, e.g. HR Manager, Procurement Manager …

Audit trails

TruliUs includes a full audit trail of all actions your business partners have done with your.
They know what data they have shared with you and who gave the consent for the sharing.

This increases the trust they have in doing business with you.
And this means more business for you.

Reliable & secure KYC data

for ALL your business partners

Find out which level of assurance you can get

Simplify the onboarding of your business partners

Implement TruliUs in your online environments